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We designed the iLoupes for Dentists of all specialities, dental hygienists and dental technicians. We have had at least one person in each of those professions field test the iLoupes in their respective jobs and verified the spectacular bennefits.
Yes we do. If you are a student email us your name, class, and dental school. Then we will email you back a coupon code with the student discount (20%). For group purchases, after you email us the estimated number of products you plan to purchase as a group we will email you a coupon code with a discount on each product (20%)

iLoupes TTL comes with a lifetime limited warranty that covers any failures resulting from manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover failures that are caused by improper usage or tempering of internal components. Should you ever encounter an issue with your iLoupes, please reach out to us via email.

All of our products can be returned for a full 100% refund within the first 14 days following your purchase conditional they are not broken or damaged and in good condition. We are certain you are going to use them and love them.

All prisms and glass material incorporated in our loupes is made in Japan and quality tested in Japan.

Our products are designed and made in canada 100%. Our raw materials are sourced from local Canadian manufacturers. The magnification loupes are made in Japan. The frames are made in Spain, Canada or USA depending on your frame selection.

Every transaction is handled securely through our webstie payment gateway where all major credit cards are accepted.

The shipping lead time is generally 2-3 days. We will contact you after you place your order if there is a delay.

We ship to Canada and USA only. If you wish to order for shipping out of these two countries please contact us first.

As soon as your order is shipped, you will receive an email notification together with a tracking number. You may then track the shipment throught the couriers website.


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