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Dental Loupe lights

Dental Loupe Lights


Dental Loupe Lights – Illuminate your way to precision and clarity during dental procedures with our advanced loupe lights. Designed for dental professionals, these high-quality loupe lights offer enhanced visibility, ensuring accurate diagnoses and precise treatments. Experience the convenience and comfort of our Pro Dental Loupe Lights, elevating your dental practice to new heights of efficiency and success.

Our dental loupe lights will illuminate your operative field. They are reliable, last many years and the batteries last 6 to 8 hours on a full charge.

Features of the iLoupes lights

  • Small light weight
  • Bright and Powerfull
  • Long lasting batteries
  • Strong and durable

iLoupes Advantage

Perfect Posture

The iLoupes put your eyes, neck and back in a comfortable ergonomic position. You will be able to preform your work in a relaxed position that eliminates unhealthy strain on your body.

Clear Vision

The iLoupes have high quality and crystal clear lens with edge to edge clarity. Easily adjustable to fit your eyesight perfectly and match your desired working distance.

Better Work

Your workmanship will improve when your posture is comfortable and your vision is crystal clear. Clear vision and a relaxed posture also means you will be a faster and more effective clinician.

Build Strong

The iLoupes is designed and built strong. The scopes will not break off the frames like other loupes and the frames are made of hard aluminum. So they withstand drops and remain light weight.

Priced Right

We sell directly to the clinician which means you pay only for the high quality loupes. We streamlined our sales and customer service process so we can focus delivering high quality product.

Lifetime Loupes

The iLoupes is modular and completely adjustable. All parts can replaced without tools or glue in minutes. We built it this way so they can last your a lifetime and you can resell them after retirement.


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