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The iLoupes Ergonomic Dental Loupes allow you to work without arching your back nor bending your neck in a bad unhealthy position. Your eyes will also be looking straight in a neutral position rather than downwards, which reduces the strain on eye muscles.

  • The iLoupes Ergonomic Dental Loupes useful as Surgical Loupes for dentists, surgeons and hygienists.
  • Perfect Posture and Ergonomics
  • Strong rigid frames and Loupes design
  • Crystal Clear edge to edge vision
  • Modern frame styles
  • Beautiful frame colors
  • Lightweight frames
  • available to be mount on head gear
  • Magnification: 2.8X, 4.2X
  • View: full arch, one quadrant
  • Field of view: 50 cm, 30 cm
  • Adjustable working distance range
  • Adjustable interpupillary distance range

Free shipping on all orders

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iLoupes Advantage

Perfect Posture

The iLoupes TTL puts your eyes, neck and back in an comfortable ergonomic position. This will let you work in an relaxed and healthy strainfree environment

Clear Vision

The iLoupes TTL has high quality and crystal clear lenses with increased visibility. Easily adjustable to fit your eyesight perfectly and match your desired working distance

Better Work

Your workmanship will improve when your posture is comfortable and your vision is crystal clear. Clear vision and a relaxed posture also means you will be a faster and more effective clinician.

Build Strong

The iLoupes TTL is designed and build strong. The scopes and frames are built out of quality material to last a very long time. They have survived our drop tests.

Priced Right

We sell directly to the clinician which means you pay only for the high quality loupes. We streamlined our sales and customer service process so we can focus delivering high quality product.

Lifetime Loupes

The iLoupes TTL is modular and completely adjustable. All parts can be replaced in a matter of minutes. We built it this way so it can be fully customizable by you and you can resell them after retirement.


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