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QuickSleeper: Immediate Onset, Profound and Effective Local Aneasthesia.

Painless dentistry without any compromise. This is the QuickSleeper promise. Truly painless dental injections. Your search for the best painless dental injection technique is over.

The QuickSleeper Intraosseous Anaesthesia Delivery System gives you Shorter appointments with instant (Immediate Onset), profound and effective anaesthesia of single or multiple teeth with just a single injection. Dentist are certain about the success and effectiveness of their LA when they use the QuickSleeper technique.

It replaces the conventional old syringe based local anesthesia. Take the guessing out of your Inferior Alveolar Nerve Blocks with the State of the Art modern QuickSleeper. No more guessing between pulpal, hard tissue and soft tissue aneasthesia.

Your patient will love the QuickSleeper because it is completely painless and reduces chair time. Also there is no collateral numbing; so the tongue and adjacent soft tissues are not numb unnecessarily for many hours.

With the Quicksleeper you eliminate the wait for local aneasthesia onset instead you get local anesthesia with immediate onset. 


Patients are highly likely to recommend dentists who use the Quicksleeper due to the painless dental injections and completely painless dentistry. Dentist market their practices with Painless Dental Injection technique attracting more patients.

This system enables dentists to provide pain-free dental local anesthesia, ensuring patients experience immediate and profound numbing painlessly.

It serves as an excellent marketing tool for dentists, all patients who experience it are wow’ed and impressed. Dentists who are using the QuickSleeper report it is an excellent word of mouth spreader.

Finally, truly painless dentistry and painless dental injections that you can be certain and brag about.

How does it work?

The QuickSleeper is the only system in the world that enables an easy injection of anesthetic close to the apices of the teeth. It possesses an exclusive needle rotation function enabling it to pass easily and painlessly through the cortical bone.

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QuickSleeper Needles have an exclusive patented bevel with a cutting power similar to a scalpel blade. Thanks to their specific scalpel bevel, tissues are no longer torn but incised.

Additionally, the pen grip, the specialized needle and the indicator on the hub of the QuickSleeper makes it possible to correctly position the bevel for a truly painless penetration especially for attached mucosa. The ultimate pain free dental injection technique.


With its rotating needle it crosses the cortical bone without effort or pain to inject directly into the spongy bone immediately adjacent to the root apices.

It is easy to learn and master. simple, painless and the benefits can be observed immediately.

Painless dental injections

For Pediatric Dentists enjoy the QuickSleeper

Children (Pediatric) Dentists love the QuickSleeper because it is the best LA on children. The pen appearance children are not afraid of getting LA. 

After the painless delivery of LA first time dental patients (kids) will not experience anxiety from the sensation of being numb as they do with conventional syringe based local aneasthesia. 

Painless dental injections

For all types of Dentistry

With its injection near the apex the QuickSleeper has decisive advantage over all LA techniques here:

1. Immediate Local Aneasthesia

2. Absence of collateral numbness to adjacent area like Tongue and Face

3. Painless delivery of local aneasthetic from start to finish.

4. Use Less aneasthetic to achieve profound LA. 

5. Reduce Time spent achieving local aneasthia and treating your patient.

quicksleeper painless

For All Types of Dental Surgeons

No more IAN Blocks, Gow Gates and Akinozi techniques, replace these outdated techniques with the new standard of LA with the QuickSleeper. 

And you can provide LA in all areas of the oral cavity and for all procedures.

Hence you are able to place aneasthetic exactly where you want it and control exactly how long for that site to be aneasthetized.


Afterwards, the anesthetic diffuses in all directions within the bone and to the gingiva to anesthetize immediately up to 6 teeth.

Pulpitis Anesthesia

Endodontists love the QuickSleeper

Also Root Canal Specialists and Endodontists love the QuickSleeper because it delivers 100% pulpal aneasthesia even with lower molar irreversilbe pulpitis (hot tooth aches) cases that are impossible to numb with a conventional syringe. 

Furthermore, safely control the concentration and amount of anesthetic deposited in the spongy bone and only aneasthetize your surgical site.

So, If you want more information go to our dedicated site QuickSleeper.ca, you can buy the quicksleeper online here.



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