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Hands-On Endodontics Course with QuickSleeper Training

Hands-On Endodontics Course for dentists with QuickSleeper Training by Dr. Danesh Farzad.

Finally a Hands-On Endodontics Course for dentists that is practical and helpful. During this course you will receive QuickSleeper Training.

The field of Endodontics develops fast making endodontic treatment easier, faster, and efficient. With sufficient training and practice a general dentist can handle easy and moderate cases.

PPE aims to teach dentists PURE PRACTICAL ENDODONTICS (rotary and reciprocating, effective irrigation, ultrasonics, electronic apex locator, and 3-D obturation), allowing the dentist to reduce procedural accidents and achieve better treatment results.

Pure Practical Endodontics has been designed for dentists of all levels of experience. Limited just to seven dentists in each course makes the training personalized.

The QuickSleeper Training is practical and hands-on on models. You will not need your own QuickSleeper, we will provide you with a device to practice on. If you wish to learn more about the QuickSleeper click here read about it. If you wish to buy one click here to order one now.

You register for his course here or send us an email so we can set you up for the course

Register for your training now.

In conclusion, here is a summary for the course:

  • THURSDAY EVENING LECTURES (5PM -9 PM): Access cavity, Ultrasonics, electronic apex locator, shaping and cleaning, irrigation, and obturation.
  • Then on Sunday: Full one-day pure practical mentorship on extracted teeth until you feel confident.
  • SATURDAY: One-time 4 hours’ mentorship at your office.
  • Also you are performing an endodontic treatment on a real patient of your choice (date should be reserved).
  • WEEKDAYS: 2 patients’ shadowing on real treatments at our office (date should be reserved).
  • Access to educational videos.
  • Complimentary one hour attendance with the next course to practice on weak areas.

Hands-On Endodontics Course for dentists

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